St Barth scarf

  1. Hi everyone!
    I am new to the forum and I have a question. Every year my hubby, maltese, Maggie and I vacation in St Barth and every year I hear about this limited edition St Barth scarf but the store never has it! Anyone ever score one? If so, could you post a picture? I am so curious! The store tells me that they don't know when it is coming in and they don't know how many they will get. What is it all about?
  2. I have no idea about the scarf, but I just wanted to say that I have a spoiled little Maltese, Bella, myself. :nogood:
  3. Maggiemoo, I have heard of this mysterious scarf as well but have never seen it! I was in St. Martin in March and asked about it to no avail in the Hermes boutique there.
  4. Oh, such an adorable name! Our little Malt is the main reason we go to St Barth-we can take her everywhere on the island! She is luckier than most people I know!

    Kisses to Bella.

    Anyone ever see this mysterious scarf!!! It must really a a LIMITED edition!
  5. Was it for the opening of the boutique there, I wonder?
  6. I do not think so. I believe they told me at the st barth store that they get a different one in every year that is a st barth special edition
  7. I FINALLY saw the scarf. Its beautiful. I found it on a website called st barts talk. someone was wearing it as a halter top. Its bright pinks and blues with shells and sea horses. I have to get one!!! If I am so lucky, I will post pictures for you!
  8. maggiemoo, be sure to put this in the grail scarf thread in the main sub!!!
  9. I saw it in bright lime green also with pink/coral shells, it was a return in a H store...
  10. Oh, Provocoll, was this recently????? I would love to get it. If it was recently, what store did you see it at?