St.Augustine Gucci Outlet??


Oct 24, 2008
I think the St. Augustine outlet is totally worth it. They always have a ton of merchandise - bags, wallets, shoes, apparel, etc. - and its never really crowded. I always deal with Rachel and she is super nice and has a list of my "wants" and emails me whenever something comes in that she thinks I will like.


Jul 18, 2007
I live here in St. Augustine and visit the outlet every so often (I try not to tempt myself much). The outlet has decent selection (depending on when you go) and it's NEVER busy. The store is relatively large and there are always sales assistants to help. I don't know that I would drive all the way from Miami to just visit the Gucci outlet...beyond Gucci we really don't have any outlets that are wonderful. The Orlando outlets are much more worth it in my opinion - the Saks, MK, Coach, St. John, Juicy, etc in Orlando have MUCH better selection. + in Orlando there is also Neiman, Fendi, Burberry, Diesel, Brahmin, etc. outlets that we don't have here.


Nov 14, 2009
Thank you ladies for your input. Greatly appreciated! :smile:
I have gone to the outlets in Orlando and I love them!!
heatherlc123....good to hear, how can i get in contact with Rachel?
and vhsethan...glad to hear the Gucci outlet is never busy and that it's relatively large with a decent selection. For those reasons alone I would so be willing to go up to St.Augustine and make it a weekend trip or As Crazy as it sounds but I'm hoping to get some good deals in Gucci.


Apr 28, 2009
It depends on when you go. Just call up and ask to be on their email list and they will email you what they get in. OR just check the Gucci deals link and most the new bags and items they get are on there. Not worth the drive. Wait til after the boutique sale and then go. Anything that doesn't sell will go to the outlet.


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Sep 23, 2012
i think its better to go to the real gucci store in orlando. I live in Jacksonville and i often visit st. agustine. i rather go to a gucci store not a gucci outlet store.although "Many times, in a consumer's mind, they think they'll get the same merchandise when they go in an outlet store as you'd find in the retail store, but that's usually not the case."
most items found in outlet stores were made specifically for those stores. items made for the outlets have a higher margin for retailers because they are made using cheaper materials or utilizing simpler designs or made in countries with cheaper labor,
the outlet bag is just not the same quality, won't have the same details, as the one at the retail store


Jul 21, 2012
I was in St. Augustine yesterday. The store was closed had notes on the door. "This store is closed". Everything inside looked in place. There were police the kind that wear windbreakers and one of their jackets said Attorney General's office. No one would say anything and they almost looked like they were waiting, kind of spread out. Strange.