St Augustine Beach,fla. Area?

  1. Going for a weekend visit to St Augustine Beach area.(to visit a family member)..any one here have any recommendations for restaurants..things to do for a weekend trip to FLA?
    Appreciate any help!Im going two weeks from tomorrow.
  2. I did a day trip there one time while on vacation elsewhere in Florida - we ate at a restaurant called the White Lion that i remember being really yummy and I enjoyed going on the Ghost Tour, but that's because I like things of that nature (although i think the Savannah, GA ghost tour is better!). It's a really cute little town, i'm sure you'll find fun stuff to do!
  3. I'm from Jacksonville, so I've been to St. Augustine a lot. A lot of people like to eat at a place called Saltwater Cowboys (I think that is the name). It's not fancy, more like just an authentic seafood kinda place.

    Maybe it's just me, but I thought the Alligator Farm was pretty cool. Much better than I expected.

    Other than that, yeah, just doing historic stuff, beach, etc, I think are the big attractions.

    You might want to look at the Florida Times-Union online for more ideas.
  4. I went to undergrad in St. Augustine and my parents had owned a house there for about 10 years also- so-here goes- the ghost tour can be fun, the fort is interesting if you are into historic tours, St. George Street has lots of neat shops and places to eat. The Columbia is on St. George Street and the sangria and some other things are great. There is a new place I went to on a reunion trip callled Sangrias w/ tapas that was really cute and good also. For other places to eat, I agree w/ Saltwater Cowboys, but for fancier The Raintree or Cortesses Bistro is good, there is a also a Harry's downtown that is good. A1A Aleworks used to have great beer selections and good sandwiches. The Bunnery is a great bakery on St. George Street. I have tons more ideas but I don't want to provide too much data to you. It also sounds silly, but if you've never been they do a trolly thing that will take you around the town, give you the tour and history and then pick you up at all the stops, so it is easier for shopping, b/c St. Auggie is a walking town w/ mostly old brick streets in the downtown. You can PM me if you want any more info, too or have any questions!
  5. Yay! I live 30 minutes from St Aug!

    For food, the ones listed above are fun..esp Columbia's. The San Sebastian winery has a nice upstairs deck with Jazz. It's a cool place to get some wine (they make it there) and cheese and relax. There's also Gypsy Cab Co. The Conch House is on the water and has these elevated tables on poles. They're fun to eat in. If you snag the tallest one, look for Tristan's and my name carved into the table :smile:
    You'll be there the weekend of the 16th??
  6. ^YEP!ill be there that FRI-thru Sun nt!
    thanks for all the info!!!

    any PFers in the area wanna meetup for a drink?
  7. definitely visit the San Sebastian winery...
  8. You're leaving on my birthday!! =) No advice, have fun....and have a drink for me!! ;P
  9. i love love love st augustines! i went there with my then-fiance now hubby about 2 yrs ago..its a lovely town. We ate at Scarlett Oharas..i think that is the name..It was nice, we had fish & chips and some huuuge margaritas haha. They also gave me a chip for a free drink next time we came, so that was a cute touch. Hope you have a great time!!!