St Albans if full of Mulberry!

  1. I went to St Albans shopping with my mum yesterday and I was amazed at how many Mulberry bags I saw. Firstly my mum for one was carrying her Olive Euston, then in the street I saw someone with a two tone Emmy, then later on I saw someone with a Roxy and then we went to Carluccio's for lunch and in there I saw two ladies with Oak Blenheims. I have never seen so many in one day! Also, I must say, my mum has the Oak Blenheim and when it first came out I didn't think it compared to the Roxy but then I saw it IRL as my fiance's brothers girlfriend had one and I must say I thought it was really nice but I always thought the 'Roxy' was nicer as it is the 'IT' one. Anyway, I have been trying my mums and it is so much more confortable to use than the Roxy and a good size for evening too so I have managed to track down an apple one and am going to receive it next week!
  2. London has a dense population of Mulberrys too :smile: Congratulations onyour Mulberry purchase. Enjoy it.
  3. Bath is the same but guess that's because Mulberry is based just down the road.
  4. Ah St Albans know it well. Fab area with great shops. Also seen many a Mulberry in Windsor & Guildford & Reading (like to shop around!!).
  5. Saw 2 Roxy's in Hitchin today, a chocolate and an oak
  6. Quite a few Mulberry's in Cardiff too!
  7. Yay - we can have a Mulberry map of the UK. Where's the highest density of Mulberry bags??