SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH!!! We won't tell anyone about your non-Fendi purchases... ;o)

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  1. I'm stealing this thread idea from Sharbear508 in the Chanel forum. The Fendi subforum is my home. I'm scared in the other forums. Yet I have not purchased anything Fendi since the summer and don't have much to contribute to here. I have however made other purchases that were not Fendi :shame:. So as Sharbear so wonderfully put it: (I changed "Chanel" to "Fendi")

    Alright ladies, fess up!!! :nuts: We're all self-proclaimed Fendi lovers in this forum, but let's face it - whether it be because of the high prices, a lack of interest in the current season's Fendi offerings, or a result of any other bevy of reasons ("SA made me!", "DH surprised me!", "It followed me home...I swear!", "I have no idea where it came from!!!", etc.), we have all succumbed to the temptation to buy non-Fendi bags from time to time... :angel: Well, here's a thread where you can confess, get rid of that guilt, and celebrate our non-Fendi purchases together! We all have spys, bbags, and other Fendi lovelies in common, but let's see what other designer bags we Fendi lovers all covet!

    Fendi addicts, please post pics of your latest non-Fendi acquisitions! It would be great to see what other non-Fendi but equally fabulous bags there are out there that fellow Fendi fanatics are toting around...because there ain't nothin wrong with expanding our bag addictions just a little bit more... :graucho:;)

    Can't wait to see everyone's pics!
  2. I don't have pics right now but I like to add a little something from each and every designer, though I do have 2 fendi bags. The only designer bag I don't have right now is anything gucci, just a belt. These items are older though. The latest is a balanciaga city in black on layaway. I used to think Chanel was my favorite but fendi is right there with it!
  3. my pretty chanel, for posterity :love:

  4. I love how the first offense posted here is a Chanel bag! :lol: And a GORGEOUS one at that - loving the grey lambskin!!! :love: :love: Congrats Litigratrix!
  5. Love the chanel bag! It's absolutly beautiful!
  6. i guess maybe we Fendi gals are destined to be Chanel cross-overs considering the Lagerfeld influence?

    I was also tipped off about the thread beforehand :graucho:
  7. Lol yes, I caught Litigatrix snooping around the Chanel forum (uh don't ask me what I was doing there). I'm trying to gather pics of my non-fendi purchases so I can post them, its tough with DH disorganizing the computer files everyday! (I must clean the house AS WELL as the junk on the computer..geez)
  8. So gorgeous.... :love:

    I love Chanel and am on the quest for more Chanel. Sigh too bad I'm to broke to buy anything new. Can't contribute to this thread. :Push: Thanks for the idea though SharBear and thanks for starting it up Kneehighz. :yes:
  9. I split my time between the Fendi forum and the Choo forum. I so have 2 Spys and the Bubble Chef Shopper. Watch out for kneehighz...she'll talk you into buying something. :graucho: But Jimmy Choo has my heart. I like Ferragamo too, and "some" Gucci and "some" Dior. Also, I have several Balenciagas, but I'm so over them since the quality issues of 07. I do not have any Chanel and am not really a fan. This is a good thread idea...think I'll steal it for the Choo girls, too. It is always interesting to see what we have in common.
  10. Great idea! I love Fendi bags, though they're always too pricy for me...
    However, I have managed to get a Spy Hobo and I am currently obsessed with Chloe handbags..
    I am in the process of getting a Chloe Betty... I may be able to post something in the near future if I win the auction... Keep you posted...
  11. I LOVE YOUR BAG, BTW!:heart:
  12. Congrats liti on ur new chanel!!
  13. Ahh im waiting till my holiday to visit the Fendi boutique but meanwhile i took a trip downtown to the LV boutique...

    Bought myself a Cabas Mezzo, Pocket Diary and Trunks and Bags Pochette! (pocket diary not shown in picture

  14. Finally for the pics:
    Jimmy Choo Poppy Mahala (stock photo)
    Balenciaga Clous Bag
    Gucci Britt Black Suede Top Handle Messenger
    Balenciaga Giant Tomato Part-Tme with Silver Hardware
    Jimmy Choo Tan Biker Leather Ramon with Watersnake Trim (plus matching Jola flats!)

    Attached Files:

  15. the only bag i purchased since my baby is a dior rose trotter.