SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH!!! We won't tell anyone about your non-Chanel purchases... ;o)

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  1. Alright ladies, fess up!!! :nuts: We're all self-proclaimed Chanel lovers in this forum, but let's face it - whether it be because of a disillusionment due to never-ending price increases, a lack of interest in the current season's Chanel offerings, or a result of any other bevy of reasons ("SA made me!", "DH surprised me!", "It followed me home...I swear!", "I have no idea where it came from!!!", etc.), we have all succumbed to the tempation to buy non-Chanel bags from time to time... :angel: Well, here's a thread where you can confess, get rid of that guilt, and celebrate our non-Chanel purchases together! We all have flaps, reissues, and other quilted or CC'd lovelies in common, but let's see what other designer bags we Chanel lovers all covet!

    Chanel addicts, please post pics of your latest non-Chanel acquisitions! It would be great to see what other non-Chanel but equally fabulous bags there are out there that fellow Chanel fanatics are toting around...because there ain't nothin wrong with expanding our bag addictions just a little bit more... :graucho:;)

    Can't wait to see everyone's pics!
  2. I'm not a long time Chanel addict, but I am now addicted!- Thought you'd all like to see THIS! HOT DAMN!

  3. I'll start the confessionals!


    DOCKET #: 000001

    OFFENDER: sharbear508 :angel:

    ACCUSED OF: Giving in to the temptations of Monsieur Louis Vuitton and Signor Gucci and, as a result, betraying her loyalty to Madame Coco Chanel and Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld and their gorgeous wares! :shame:

    EVIDENCE: The accused was found in the possession of a new LV Mizi Vienna in black and a new Gucci blondie bowler in white...and was caught red-handed while in the process of purchasing a new LV Denim Neo Cabby MM in black!!! :yahoo:

    Exhibits 1 and 2:

    Group shots 004.jpg

    Exhibit 3:


    SENTENCED TO: 20 hours of community service to be spent posting in the Chanel subforum enabling other Chanel addicts, in order to prevent them from also going astray! :lecture:

    CASE CLOSED!!! :boxing:
  4. Ooooooooooo Alaska, you beat me to the first confession!!! LOL - you must've been feeling REALLY guilty!!! :lol: Your Bal violet is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: What a rich shade of purple...LOVE it!!! Congrats!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  5. *cries* Please help me to stay out of this thread. My bank account is suffering enough and I really love that LV Mitzi Vienna, Sharon.

    Oh, and the color on that Bal... *Swwwwooooooon**:love: I would say that Chanel really needs to throw us a collective bone when it comes to color, but with the recent insanity as far as pricing, I'm kind of glad they don't. :rolleyes:
  6. I've been loyal, so far!!:yes:
  7. Uh-oh don't shoot me but I'm not loyal to any designer..Although I do LOVE Chanel, I don't limit myslpelf when I see a great bag..I think my last purchase was a Marc Jacobs..Oops!! Make that Prada lol!!! *sigh* But my next purchase will def be Chanel...oye..unless I find the Prada gauffre I'm looking for hehehe!!!
  8. Ive been good so far too but that LV denim neo cabby mm in black is gorgeous--thus far I havent really fallen for many LVs but I will go in and try it out. Which size did you get? And does the strap go over your shoulder? As in can you carry it on your shoulder comfortably? (the handles I mean...not the cross body strap)


  9. Why THANK YOU Sharbear:flowers:!! I love your Mizi too:heart:! It's sooooo beautiful!! :shame::girlsigh:
  10. Me too :p

  11. ^^ :lol::lol: how cute is this??
  12. I'm wondering about the handles too and also wondering if it can be worn cross body?!?!
  13. Very cute, sharbear508! Your new purchases are fabulous!

    I buy whatever I like. Maybe if Chanel bribed me with gifts or something, I would be loyal... but since they don't, I buy whatever I like.
  14. I am not even tempted to buy other brands. There are too many Chanels I want now!
  15. I've been away from Chanel for quite a while... constantly distracted by the sales at Gucci and Coach, plus the LV limited edition items. However, I've been redeemed (so to speak) and found my way back to Chanel last week with the purchase of the black/black ligne cambon flats. I'm currently saving up for a black caviar (jumbo) flap bag but might get distracted again with the release of LV's Cruise collection in early Nov.
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