sssssizzle, my Amex is burning and my new Hermes is totally MAJOR!

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  1. oh I just love my PO. It came in perfect!
  2. oh what a big bag for such a little gal like me.
  3. Can't your Amex smoking?
  4. Oh, open that bag! C'mon, let me have a peak! PUHLEEEEZE!!!!
  5. oh the gold on my AMEX is burning, burning baby burning.
  6. this big old bag, its gonna leave a mark.
  7. Ok, C. let's see this baby!
  8. oooooooo, what is inside?
    wait, don't rush.
    enjoy whatever it is.
    soooooooo exciting!!!
  9. gotta see, gotta see
  10. I had props all lined up, I had a plan to get an outrageous make it make strip tease worthy but things got all shook up today. and i didn't think you guys want to wait till I could make it to you?
  11. :drool:
  12. oh so lovely in those boxes
  13. clue 1:

    woulda, shoulda, coulda....
  14. Red with GHW like Samantha's Birkin??
  15. gogogo!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.