Sssssh Don't Tell..... But

  1. I sneaked a peek at my Christmas present today - and took pics to show you guys!

    I know what you're thinking, Christmas? It's still September! But I live quite a way from the LV store and probably won't get the opportunity to go again as I've got some hectic weeks coming up.

    Although I've bought from LV before, in the past it was from their website so it was nice to go in person today. I've been in that branch before though and it was so great to see all those beautiful bags I drool over in person again. The Mirage Speedy was tDF :drool:, I didn't think I'd like it quite as much as I did today. Our SA was really great and helpful and laughed at all the Christmas stuff my Mum and I had bought in the day, we we're really loaded up and she was really sweet opening the doors for us bless. She seemed a bit supprised that I was so young, which was weird when I'm 19 now. I also thought I'd get it boxed like my other bags, and it wasn't until I got it home that I realised there wasn't one. Doesn't really matter though but just thought I'd mention it, I would have asked for one if I'd noticed.

    I'd known for a good few weeks that I wanted the Damier Speedy 30 as my next bag and as soon as she pulled it out I was like "perfect!". It's not something I would have chosen a year ago, but right now I just love the Damier. I must admit I was supprised how small the handle is when carried on the arm - I'm usually a shoulder bag girl. I'm so in love and really excited now, I can't believe I have to wait another 3 months!!! hehe.

    Anyway thats enough of my madness, thank you for putting up with it! Here's my hurried pics which I'll just have to keep looking at until Christmas.

  2. congrats. i wish i had your self control. my parents know better than to get my gifts early because i will be looking all over the house for them. one time i actually wore my present before my birthday.haha
  3. Lovely! Congrats!
  4. Congrats! Merry Christmas?:confused1:
  5. Awwww christmas presents sooo early !!
    Congrats !! Yup got the damier speedy 30 couple of weeks ago....Im just in love with it...I said the exact same thing when i saw it ,Perfect !
  6. Congrats !! its beautiful !!!! which LV store did you go ?? :smile:
  7. Manchester - I love it there. If I remember right, you're pretty nearby too?

    Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! vuittonaddict I'm exactly the same - end up wearing Christmas presents before the day itself :graucho:.
  8. Merry christmas! LOL! Congrats!!
  9. OMG i would die if i had a bag that i couldn't use until christmas!!!! congrats though! my dbf promised me a speedy 30 for christmas since I am being good and put myself on a ban... so I might get the same gift for xmas! either a damier or a mini lin.. decisions decisions

    do you have any modeling pics? would love to see it!
  10. Congrats on your new bag.

    Damier is durable and Speedy is classic. Good combo.:tup:
  11. COngratulations!
  12. yes Im near by too, I go past it everyday...I only wish I had the cash to spend everyday :p
  13. merry early christmas


    I have a this 30 too
    I just love it
  14. aww congrats!! love the damier speedy :heart:
  15. Gorgeous!