ssmama's tiny collection

  1. Here is my tiny but very well loved collection (lots of sentimental value)...

    Group shot:
  2. BEAUTIFUL! :girlsigh:
    I love everything in that picture!

    Btw- Did you ever buy those shoes from the Target thread? They would match your zebra Dooney perfectly! :yes:
  3. It might be small, but it's a very powerful collection! :smile: Everything in the picture is just simply gorgeous!
  4. Great collection ... love the Fendi! Thanks for sharing!
  5. i love your fendi bag!!!! very nice collection!!!
  6. your agenda is sooo pretty!
  7. Love your Papillon, Vernis agenda and the Juicy tote!!
  8. Love your fendi!!!
  9. Great collection! I love the Pomme agenda!
  10. yay Baby Spy!
  11. Love the LVs and the baby Spy!
  12. I have to agree with Queen_Kitty, small but powerful is how I would describe it. It's the perfect streamlined collection!
  13. Thank you everyone for the compliments! :flowers: Claire, yes, I ordered the Zebra shoes, they came in but were too big so I am waiting on the smaller ones and can't wait to rock them with my Dooney.

    I have individual pics and descriptions, I didn't know that the thread had gotten approved so quickly, will post the other pics tonight!
  14. This was my first designer purse, given to me by DH Christmas '03, after birth of DD. Agenda was also a Christmas gift, 2007.
  15. This Juicy purse is the perfect "Mommy" purse, a little heavy but I can fit everything in there. Birthday gift from DH, '04.