SSENSE Problem


Dec 14, 2011
Hi guys,

I'm hoping to get your opinion.

I've purchased a purse from and they've mailed me the item without a dust bag. I've emailed them, contacted them through their website, and after a week of no followup, I decided to call them. The cs rep then told me that the bag originally came from the manufacturer (Givenchy) that way and they do not have any extras at the moment. They are basically saying that it's not their fault, it's Givenchy.

I have many other purses (Givenchy and others) and none of them had came without a dust bag, especially when it's a brand new item! What should I do? :sad:


Oct 5, 2008
Ssense seems to be really slow with responding to emails. I've contacted them about an item and it took a week for them to respond just to say they've received my inquiry and someone will respond shortly...followup never came.

I've received several bags and shoes from various stores without dustbags and it has never really bothered me. Sometimes the dustbags are misplaced or the designer just forgets to send them. Maybe try contacting Givenchy directly to see if they could send you one?


The Gimme-Queen
Nov 29, 2010
DCA via the DMV via NGA
Yeah, I would send a message to Givenchy and request a dust bag. Share whatever relevant info with the company about your purchase from ssense as possible. That way, you lessen their concern that you are simply looking to get a dustbag for free or to resell. You will be surprised how many companies try to accommodate customers. I can immediately think of Saks, Burberry and Christopher Kon, in my personal experience.

I know its a pain and a half, but it may be worth a try :smile: