SS2020 Monogram with flowers

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  1. Beautiful!! I got one too When I was in the boutique to pick it up, they showed me the matching Keepall that someone ordered. Amazing!!
  2. I saw someone’s preorder yesterday, and they told me from the computer that there was only one left in the USA. Don’t know if that means no more will come. It is a beautiful piece!
  3. New stock on the way now!
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  4. Has anyone got the flowers keepall yet? I thought 45 would have been perfect but not sure if this one would have been too big or get heavy for lugging around..?
  5. In the keepall? Any idea when they are going to arrive??
  6. No, unfortunately the strap is not removable.
  7. The foliage scarf is ATB on the website, for anyone looking.
    I was able to get one & there’s still one more left:smile:
  8. Thanks for posting, I was able to get one as well!!
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  9. This is a bit delayed, but thanks to your post, I was able to get the Keepall. Thank you!!
  10. I have it and I think the size is perfect!
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