SS2020 Monogram with flowers

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  1. Are you sure it’s not removable? I have the mini trunk with the orange chain and same strap and hardware and the strap is removable, I think it’s removable on the above bag..
  2. i tried it on too. Super super cute!! So pricey!

    It can be shortened by moving the link with the hook but the strap is fully attached on one side so you cannot remove the strap.
  3. I just checked mine, I didn’t realize the other side cannot be removed.
  4. Please
    post some pics and mod shots! I loved it. The only reason I didn’t get it is because for that price point I wanted a really iconic piece and it just didn’t feel iconic enough. But it is so gorgeous and unique. I definitely am crushing really hard on it.
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  5. Mine is not the flowers but has the orange chain...
  6. Pics of that one would be great too! He orange chain is so cute.
  7. The scarf is so light and airy. I know this will become one of my favorites!

  8. I love the Mini-Soft Trunk. And I absolutely love this version. Mine is in the Mono Eclipse, and I reach for it often. Unfortunately I have a problem with the black chain links. Where the links rub against each other has become very worn. Unfortunately the strap can't be replaced, since it can't be removed. LV has offered me either a new bag (which will probably have the same issues) or a refund. Considering the price of the bag I will need to make a decision on this. But I love this bag so darned much, that as a consequence I'm reluctant to give up on it. I'd be curious to know if anyone else has had this problem with the chain links chafing? It almost looks like plastic that has peeled. :sad:

  9. UGH! I was afraid of this being an issue. Not sure I want to spend that kind of money on a bag that I am going to have to replace at some point for peeling. I ordered it from my SA but will decide whether or not to keep it once I see it. :confused1:
  10. Is the scarf bulky or does it lay fairly flat?
  11. It’s super thin but it’s a lot of material. About 3 feet by 6.5 feet so it scrunches up to be full. But it’s not bulky, kwim? So to answer your question, neither. It’s flat if you fold it flat. But no one ever wears a thin scarf like that, maybe a thicker cashmere weave. It’s not bulky because you can just scrunch it down and it takes not space. Hope this helps.
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  12. She's here..... I love that the print continues on the bottom. Such a cutie! :flowers:

    IMG_2463.jpg IMG_2464.jpg IMG_2465.jpg
  13. Has anyone seen the keepall in your store of late? I've checked multiple stores and can't find it, and it's not online anymore:sad:
  14. I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of this scarf.
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