SS2020 Monogram with flowers

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  1. Are you in the United States? The pocket organizer is available in multiple stores.
  2. Really? I haven’t physically checked stores. I’ve just be ok the website
  4. It’s available at Rodeo Drive, Nashville, Atlanta, Costa Mesa, and Aspen.
  5. Wow thanks for the info. Anything in Vegas lol
  6. Not right now. However, you can call CS with the PO’s item number and ask to be transferred to one of these stores to make the purchase over the phone. Whatever you decide to do: good luck!
  7. Thank you!
  8. Your photos killed it. This is GORGEOUS. What am I supposed to do with my current TP26 which I never use? Arghhh.....I'm on ban island.

    But I feel like I will really regret it if I don't get something from this collection. I love the flower garden against the LV print.
  9. This is quite different from a TP26. The inside has card slots, it is a tad bigger and more structured. It also features much better hardware than TP26.
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  10. I love the flowers--I am a fan of LV when it is playful and whimsical.
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  11. Had to return the belt due to buckle problems. Got the stunning pocket organizer instead. IRL it is so beautiful. Well made.
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  12. What are everyone’s thoughts on the Mini soft trunk? I love it but I’m trying not to buy trendy items right now.... but it’s so gorgeous! To buy or not to buy? 6F3156CB-CCAC-4C8F-AFED-50E95A78FBC8.jpeg
  13. I tried it on the other day and it's super cute. Only downside for me is that the shoulder strap is not removable (it would be so cute as a handheld clutch) so I passed as I already have the same style in classic monogram.
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  14. Do you think the keepall is still available for order or all sold out?
  15. The print is on both sides and goes across the bottom of both pieces too
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