SS2007 East West Flap in Red Caviar

  1. I just received a call from Brendan at Chanel on 57th. He wanted me to know that the SS2007 Red Caviar will also be available in the "new" East-West Flap bag. His store ordered 4 Red, and 5 White.

    The "new" East-West has double chains rather than single as before.

    Style# A35191 $1,395

    Hurry up and get on the waitlist: 1-212-355-5050
  2. Thanks for the heads up!!! Wow, sounds gorgeous.
  3. Ohhh sounds sooo nice! I hope that SH in NJ will be able to get me that. I think this would work better for me than the jumbo red caviar, though that sounds gorgeous too! :smile: Thanks for the info :smile:

  4. Hi Smoothoprter,

    Do you know if or when they will get Red Caviar Classic Flap w/silver hardware in med/large (10 x 6).

  5. I do not. I only thought they were making it in Jumbo, but Brendan called me this morning to let me know it would also be available in the east-west. I didn't even ask about the medium.
  6. O.K. Thanks. :smile:
  7. Hi! this is my first time posting - is there only one size in the east-west bag? I saw one in Toronto and it was $1150 so is the quoted $1395 the new price?
  8. The new one has different chain so that may be why the price is different.

    The new one has double chain (as opposed to single chain), and the chain doesn't have leather woven in.
  9. Thanks smooth!
  10. Yes, I'm sure you're right.:yes:

  11. I just can't wait to see this bag IRL!!!:nuts:
  12. ohh the new east/west sounds GORGEOUS! and i bet it is beautiful in red...
  13. caviar sounds great, there's a lambskin east west in red at my local store