SS14 Black Patent WOC! - need advice!

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  1. Ladies.. i need your opinion... my black patent woc came today and i know probably sound crazy, but the quilting isn't puffy, its very flat.. tried to take a side shot in the second pic... am i crazy or would that bother you?

    also, im debating if i should even keep it because i have the black timeless cc woc with shw and i have a black small flap with shw... to keep or not to keep? i have 2 other wok's but they are in different colors... can't decide what i should do, help!! :smile:

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  2. No for me, I like it's puffy;)
  3. The same WOC just arrived to my local boutique, and I passed. I was not excited and decided it wasn't for me.

  4. If you are having doubts exchange it. Listen to your heart!
  5. Perhaps you can try remembering why you bought it in the first place? There must be some compelling reasons why you bought it knowing what other bags you already have.
  6. I think you should return it because you have a black shw timeless and a small black shw flap.

    I saw the fuchsia quilted WOC today and the quilting looked flat too but I've never seen a quilted WOC in person so I thought that's just how they are...
  7. I feel like WOCs are just not as puffy in general - do you have any other quilted ones? if so, are they puffy? if you don't love it, take it back - good luck!
  8. If you aren't 100% in love just return it. It's not worth keeping if you have any doubts....
  9. thanks everyone.. i returned it today.. feel better, was not 100% in love
  10. I think it looks perfect! I have five WOC, and none of them are very puffy, especially when I compare them to my flaps!! Congrats on your gorgeous piece!!