SS11 Accessorizes

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  1. I came across this page showing some accessorizes for SS2011.

    The pouches are cute enough, but the bracelet is too gold, and the scarves are too “washed out” in colour for my liking. OMG, I think I am turning into a grumpy old lady :P
  2. I do like the pouch but am not in the market to buy another. Perhaps the pouch design means that there will be a bayswater bag in that print with rabbits all over it !!!! Interesting ling though, so thanks for that. xx
  3. I totally agree! I am grumpy (and I will turn 44 in a couple of days *gulp*)
  4. I will beat you there, as I will turn 46 next month :biggrin:
  5. I like the rabbit pouch... not sure I like it enough to buy. I don't like the trompe-l'œil style bracelet. Too blingy :nogood:
  6. We are practically the same age!
  7. Get rid of the tassel and I would totally wear that black bag! Do we know anything about that one..?

    I kind of dig the bracelets. But I'm in a major gold phase right now after years of sterling silver jewelry.
  8. #8 Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
  9. I really like the tassel! I've been eyeing up the greta tote in plum and black. Can't wait to see it
  10. I love the embellished lily but it will be a crazy price so I won't bother with that

    The bunny pouch is sweet , thanks for the pics l x
  11. I think I must be grumpy too and I'm 21 :biggrin:.. the bracelets are too gold and the scarves a bit boring to me..
  12. I'm with you CB. It would be lovely to have it as 'conversation piece' but then it's too outstanding to use it again & again.... will have to write down who saw the bag!! :biggrin:
  13. ^^ :lol:
  14. ^ Yep, isnt it funny that we are happy for everybody to see us use the same day bag day in and day out, yep we feel silly if we use the same evening bags, which are used much less anyway

    No logic, but then again, when have we ever been logical lol ;) !!!
  15. some of the stuff is nice! Agree about the lily! Would be nice to look at though!