SS10 cotton Charm KenC - any pics?

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  1. Is anyone able to post some photos of the SS10 cotton charm Kelly en Caleche scarves? I have only seen a brown one, a white one with red and blue and a lilac with yellow. Would really appreciate it if anyone has one of the other cws if you could post a pic please TIA:flowers:
  2. The violet and white are currently on the UK website. I'm trying to remember if i saw any other colour when i purchased my white CW and i think there may have been an orange one although it may have been the brown your have already seen.
  3. ^^ thanks Skes!! I am sure someone mentioned they had a darker one with cerise and orange - the boutiques don't seem to thave the cottons on their swatch of scarf cws. Desperately waiting for my next trip to London in March;)
  4. Bumping - just in case someone sees and can help:flowers:
  5. No pics but I saw the orange one in my boutique. Sooo pretty.