SS09 Bags have arrived at CHANEL

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  1. SS09 bags have begun to arrive to Chanel stores and since they haven't even had their trunk shows a lot of the bags are unspoken for.

    PM me for my SA's contact info. I'm waiting on pictures he emailed to me.
  2. Cant wait to see pics! Thanks Mon
  3. Me too D! I don't know why they take so long to arrive. It's like they are sitting out in space right now.
  4. Hahaha. Is B sending you pics? Im wondering if he is getting the new white/pink portobello? Im loving that. Probally wont come to the states... sigh
  5. Can't wait to see the pics. Have already seen Damian's. Am waiting to see if Chanel will carry any additional stock.
  6. D, I just spoke to a rep from 800 number and told they aren't getting the white and pink Portobello! Or at least US boutiques aren't getting them.:sad:
  7. Of course! LOL. All the bags I like the states never gets, lol. I wonder what new bags the boutiques got?????
  8. Thanks Mon! Can't wait to see them... :popcorn:
  9. Sorry it took so long guys...

    These SS09 bags are currently available from the Chanel boutique.

    Attached Files:

  10. Thanks for sharing the photos, Mon.
  11. Thanks for sharing the pics! Love those colors!
  12. Thanks Mon. Love the valentines flap and all colored flaps!
  13. Thanks Mon, love the colors...:heart:H
  14. Thanks Mon

    I have a question tho... how come the red lambskin looks like light orange? I've seen so many pictures of the maxi red lambskin and they all look different to me... dunno which one best represents the color any more
  15. These were taken with a Blackberry phone. They appear muted. The red lambskin is a bright red/orange color.