SS08 turquoise what style??

  1. I have finally decided that I definitely want the ss08 turquoise but should I get the work or the part-time? And should I get rh, sgh or ggh?? help I can't make up my mind....
  2. moving to the Main floor for better visibility ;)

    And I am biased: I adore the Work style in Reg HW :tup:
  3. I agree! work with RH! :heart:
  4. im down for work with ggh, its going to be a fun fun combination.
  5. Work with RH for sure.
  6. I know I'm on a waitlist for something - but I can't remember what! That's bad, isn't it? Most likely it was a day , since that is my Bal drug of choice, but RH? GSH? I have no idea.
  7. Definitely the Work in RH! I'm wanting one myself..;)
  8. i can't decide which turquoise i should get, i think i'll wait and see IRL what makes my heart go boom boom.
    i definitely have to get something in turquoise.:graucho::drool:
  9. ^ ITA! i cant wait to see something turquoise IRL!
  10. I'm on the waitlist for the Work rh or Work GSH!!!
  11. Im on the waitlist for the twiggy