Seasonal SS08 preview

  1. Found some better pictures for the upcoming season...

  2. some more...

  3. Thanks a bunch for posting those. Very interesting styles! I think I don't want to know the prices, though.
  4. Thunk: that is the sound of me fainting from the sight
  5. OMG! I need to know everything about the 3rd bag from the top! Any info?
  6. the light blue weave with the croc skin accent and the pink one with swirly design are really pretty. :heart:
  7. wow :nuts:
  8. That's the Men's size Veneta-style bag in Cement color w/ Caimano croc trim and handle. The price is about $4500.

    I'm hoping to get this bag or the oxidized Cabat... but I must resist the temptation... must save up for my dream bag.
  9. uclaboi, would you have any idea on the dimensions of the bag?
  10. :drool:
  11. I don't know, but you could check out the Men's runway collection video on BV's website. It is a large bag.
  12. You have excellent taste sum!:tup: Those are my faves as well.:heart::heart:
  13. ^Syma, here is a pic of the bag on the runway. Male models are usually about 1.85 m (don`t know what that is in feet...), so I`d say it`s slightly bigger in volume than the Maxi Veneta.

    Don´t the like pics though. They have been photoshopped so much they look as if sugarcoated! I like BV natural ;)
  14. Now to wipe the drool off my keyboard! The bags are beautiful. I love the veneta with the side detail. I guess there's no chance it's also done in a smaller version for women?
  15. Wow, these are really gorgeous.