SS08 First Look – Bubblegum Pink

  1. I bought this First in SS08 Bubblegum Pink from the Balenciaga boutique in Milan on 19 Nov. They only had it for a couple of days then. The leather is not veiny, and looks closer to my 04 and 05 bags, but are not quite as thick. The photos are taken outdoors around noon (cloudy), so the colours are quite accurate.


    I also asked to see the other pink (can someone tell me the Bal name for the other pink?), but did not like it – it looks like a watered-down version of magenta. They also said they had the new green and cream in the back of the store, but I did not ask to see these because I was not interested.
    Roxane–Bal-BG1.jpg Roxane–Bal-BG2.jpg
  2. OMG! Bubblegum pink is gorgeous!!! I was expecting something totally different, I'm so impressed! Congrats on a gorgeous bag, I love it! I think I might have to get a coin purse in this color, I'm a bit in love right now... :love: Congratulations Roxanne!! She's gorgeous! And yay for you being the first tPFer with an '08!:woohoo:

    PS the new magenta is called Magenta! lol Would you compare the Magenta that you saw to the Limited Edition 07 Magenta?

    Awww I wish you had seen the green, they've been so hush hush about this color, I would have loved to have known your take on it.
  3. I'm totally in love with it :love::love::love: It's exactly how I imagine it to be! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us :smile:
  4. I nearly fainted from excitement when I saw your BG Pink first. The BG Pink is gorgeous! I'm on the wait list for a GGH work. Did you see any BG Pink with GGH when you got your bag, if so how did that combo look? Thanks for sharing the pic and congrats.
  5. I'm in lust!
  6. :nuts: OMG!!! I love this :heart: Can't wait the shipment to arrive.... :love:

    Thanks for posting!!!! Congrats on your beautiful bag :woohoo:
  7. congrats on your pretty bubblegum first! enjoy her!
  8. OMG this is soooo cute.. I really hope it makes it up to Canada !
  9. Wow! I like it!!! :yahoo: It's alot more "pink" then in previous photos I had seen. Alot more what I was hoping for! And how great that the leather seems thicker!
    Congrats on being the first 08-er!!!
  10. OMG!!! Congrats!!
  11. Thanks everyone for the kind wishes :shame:. I was quite excited when I saw BG on the floor. They did have it with GGH in a City (or maybe Work), but I am not a fan of GH, so I did not really take much of a notice. I think the combination of G or S will work equally fine, with the G a bit richer.

    The new 08 magenta is the same colour family as the previous magentas, but quite a bit less intense. If the old magenta is a 10, with white being a 0, then I would rate the new magenta a 5 or 6.

    Sorry that I didn't take a better look at the other colours. I am sort of over my BBag phase (I have over 20 already), and into Hermes right now, so I have lost touch a little with new developments. I almost didn't go to the store, but since it is a new store and just a couple of streets from my hotel, I decided to go there anyway, to console myself :girlsigh: for not scoring any bags at Hermes in 4 major Italian cities :sad:
  12. Wow! Congrats, I didn't think it would come in this early! She looks like a pretty rose!
  13. it's so pretty! i can't wait to get a bg first!
  14. yeeeey! spring/summer 08 has officially begun!! congrats on ut purchase!
  15. Wow, the pink is a lot different than what I imagined. It's gorgeous in any case! Congrats on such a lovely bag!