SS08 Collection

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  1. I don't know if you've seen the new Mulberry site, but its very slick, likeing it a lot. Also i am loving the SS08 collection. What a wonderful array of bags. I am especially fond of the evening bags (i'm a sucker for gorgeousely:girlsigh: expensive bags i won't use very often). However am also loving the Patent small Latimer:heart: and the large Soho in antique gold:love:. If you haven't already looked go feast your eyes. What do you all think of the collection?
  2. I'm loving the gunmetal Agyness & matching wallet :heart:

    I think this is new collection, but I just spotted this gorgeous snakeskin clutch (cosmetic case ;)) on N-a-P for a bargain £195:

    If only I needed a clutch :lol:
  3. Course you do!! Just think how much you would use it!! Hahaha!! I would only want something that would fit every eventuality in it at the mo!!

    But yes lovin the new site,and a couple of bags have caught my eye,although they are a bit pricey,and not quite my style I could be more interested if I gave them a road test,or they were significantly reduced in the sales or outlets xxxxxxxx
  4. i love the Soho! did this come in a smaller size previously? it looks quite big
  5. Ooo,I'm not sure,I think Sarajane may be best able to answer that,shes been out and about to the outlets etc,I'm not sure if she has one actually or wether she said she likes it?xxxxxxxxxx
  6. Love that dress with the clutch!!!!!!
  7. Hi, ditab, can't find that clutch anywhere on NAP...?!!
  8. Sorry, now I found it. It's gorgeous, want it now!!!

  9. I do have a Soho and it's not that big. It's a similar size to the Araline but more substantial as it's glove leather. It's a fab sling on and go bag. I'm really pleased it's in the 08 collection as I've always thought it's a much underrated bag.
  10. love the dress myself! so flattering and looks like it will be very forgiving for the flaws I've developed over the years... a little tummy here, a little bat wing there... LOL