SS08 Bubblegum & Magenta SNEAK PICS

  1. Hi all!

    I'm so excited about the SS08 colours and feel like I want everything :p
    I emailed Cult Status and they were kind enough to send me pictures of Bubblegum & Magenta! They also included Electric Blue but that has already been posted on the forums. CS will not be bringing in any Vert Thyme.

    When I first opened the email and saw a brief glimpse of pink, I gasped!! & I thought I just had to share with all the lovely ladies on TPF. Many thanks to CS, of course, for the pictures.

    The FIRST photo is Bubblegum.
    The SECOND photo is Magenta.

 (1).jpg Magenta.JPG
  2. Thanks for posting.:smile: I like the Magenta.:tup:
  3. Love love love it!!!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on a RH city!!!!
  4. Do you know what style that magenta "hobo-ish" is called?
  5. so pretty!
  6. wow thanks for the pics jo_ee!!!
  7. thanks for the picss!!!!!
  8. It's the "Slim". I love it!!!! I can't wait to find out more about this style. I'm loving the magenta.:love:
  9. Both of them are so pretty! I am going to have a hard time to decide.
  10. Thanks for the pics! That bubblegum city with rh is what BBag dreams are made of! :love:
  11. Thanks for the pics. I thought I would like BG more, but I like Magenta better from these pics.
  12. Hmmm . . . I don't know if I :heart: either of these pinks. Too bad!! I wanted to add a pink to my collection. Maybe they have more brightness/depth IRL??!!
  13. Whoo hoo! Thanks jo_ee! The BG looks adorable. The 2 pinks look so similar though, I wonder why Bal would make them so close. Love 'em both though.
  14. may i just say... the flowery bags are just horrendous!
  15. I don't think the bubblegum looks bubblegummy - it looks more dusty rose :sad: I was hoping for a brighter pink. Maybe IRL it'll look better.
    I like that new "slim" style - anyone know if it's only coming in the GH or the RH too?