SS08 2.55's filtering in

  1. My SA just received a navy metallic 224 and a dark silver (not sure what size). That means they are filtering in:yahoo:; so hopefully all of the ladies who are dying for the metallic 2.55's will have them soon.:woohoo:
  2. That's great news Mon! My NM SA said they would start coming in anytime. :tup:
  3. :woohoo: i cannot wait for all those gorgeous pics! :love:
  4. Cannot wait but at the same time so so want to cry!!!!! :crybaby:

    It's hard over here in the UK!
  5. I will love to see these
  6. Do you know if they're going to have any red ones? :confused1:
  7. I think we've determined that on Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus have ordered the dark red 2.55 reissues; AND we've also determined that they are a glazed distressed leather (calf? or lambskin?) and not metallic.:yes:
  8. I can't wait to get my hands on mine!
  9. Are all reissues in lambskin?
  10. No, normally they are distressed calfskin.
  11. Oh Mon - tks....but think the S/S08 metallic ones are lambskin ....but guess the non-metallic ones cld be calfskin so it is a mixture:p
  12. Hm... my purple metallic 2.55 doesn't feel or look like lambskin. I'll have to confirm this with Chanel.
  13. yayy!!
  14. I don't think the metallics are lambskin and I don't think the red 2.55 is lambskin either. I could be wrong, but it didn't feel/look like lambskin to me.
  15. thank you so much for the update!