SS07 red decision - help me out!

  1. So here's the background... I don't have a large Chanel collection - I have one pink medium classic flap and I have one grey 2.55 reissue in the 227 size. I also know ultimately I'm gonna get a Chanel in black but I haven't figured out quite yet whether I want the med/large classic flap or the reissue in 226. lol.. that's for a future debate. Also, I have been on and off looking for a red caviar timeless clutch, but I've come to the conclusion that there's none in Canada plus after trying the timeless clutch in a different colour - I'm thinking the clutch may not be for me.. :sad:

    Anyways so here are my musings:
    Ok so on the one hand - given my current collection and given the fact I was looking for something like a clutch... I'm thinking the caviar east/west would be perfect. I could use it to hold a clutch and it'd be a great evening/go out bag.

    On the other hand... for $500 more I could get a medium classic flap. Logic would be that I could use it more often since it's larger and I can fit my LV agenda in there. Plus I know this is kind of a silly reason - but it seems the medium/large classic flap size can't be found in the US so perhaps I should get the medium since it's harder to find. (?) :shrugs:

    I went to the store and tried both on and they say normally that helps you decide.. but I found myself liking both and getting both is not an option. I think it'd be rather silly to have two red classic flap-style bags given my current small amount of Chanels. Thing is that both purses had different "feels" to them. The medium was classically beautiful, but the east west felt a bit sophisticated yet sexy. Kinda like a goody-goody with a little secret. :graucho:

    So the question is - given what Chanels I have now and what Chanels I plan for my future... which do you think would be the better buy?

    SS07 red caviar .... in the east/west flap or the medium/large classic flap? :shrugs:

    Comments/thoughts please!!! Thanks! :heart:
  2. It seems to me from your description you are wanting the east/west more, so I would go for it.
  3. The east/west in red is so HOT! As you said, it can act as a clutch and a shoulder bag.
  4. more purse for your go with the red medium.
  5. Since you already own a medium classic flap, I'd say go for the East/West flap :yes:
  6. I vote for Red E/W.

  7. I thought the e/w and medium hold about the same. If that's true I say for for the e/w. When you say "medium/large" you're talking about one bag right, the medium?
  8. From what I've read it seems like they hold the same except for things that need that extra height that the classic flap has. I did a search and lots of reading this afternoon...

    and when I say medium/large I am talking about the same bag :yes: - it's the one that is one size smaller than the jumbo... Depending on who I talk to they use one or the other term. :shrugs: I've had to refer to it using its price because sometimes I ask for a medium and what they bring out from the storage room is the small.

    Thanks for the input ladies! I meant to make it a poll but messed up and couldn't go back and edit it to create a poll.. :push:
  9. i vote for the med. although the shape and the size is similar, but the extra length in the medium makes it more elegant, i like the size of medium better. and you're right, it is defintely harder to get
  10. Since you already have a medium, I'd go with the e/w
    I love it in red.
  11. i was debating the same things as you...i have mostly medium sized flaps..and really wanted a red medium, but they only had the east-west caviar in stock. to be honest, the e-w really fits about the same as the med/large size caviar. i am really happy with my e-w size, i have been using it religiously the whole week since i've gotten it.

    good luck on whatever you decide.

  12. I'd go for the medium, but I'm biased. I'm in the US and going through a fair amount of trouble to get one from Canada (now on the way). Part of the reason I prefer that size is that I think the new chain looks a little "heavier" to me and IMO looks more in proportion with the medium size. Also, the base (bottom) of the e/w is a bit thinner, therefore, when mine is full it tends to sometimes tip over (hate that) if it's not perfectly balanced. The other size doesn't.
  13. east/west flap is a great bag.
  14. east/west
  15. east/west