SS07 Bbags coming soon...what are you after first?

  1. It's only a few more weeks before we start seeing SS07 Bbags. What is the first color/style combo you're going to seek out?

    For me, I've kinda calmed down on the Bbag madness, but the new colors might change that. I'm after the vermillion twiggy NO gold hardware!
  2. I am after Marine Day and Periwinkle Box.:drool:

  3. Does anyone have a link they can post for the new 07 colors?? Thanks!!
  4. green grass city and aquamarine city....
  5. marine city (or maybe day)

    I spoke to Daphne today to try to get an idea of when they expect to get them. She didn't seem to know but did say they are expecting a shipment of something this week, possibly "giant" marine cities. I'm not interested in the giant hardware, but would love to see the color.
  6. i love natural, clay and anthracite!!!

    lovely colors!!!! gotta save up now.....
  7. it was vert d'eau city for me, but now I'm not so sure...I don't want a light colored city, since I have kids and it is difficult to baby my bag, when I have kids to baby! But I still would love to see it IRL!
  8. I think I would also love an anthracite--in a city or work :heart: -- and it would give me more time to put a fund together for my next bbag purchase! :graucho:
  9. Definitely the Vert D'Eau or Bleu City for me---OMG, can't wait!
  10. Marine reminds me of likey.....
    I'm also diggin' argyle and naturel....and anthracite too....

    Doubt I'll be getting ANY of them, though:sad:
  11. for me it's the vert'd eau twiggy, and the naturel first
  12. I would love to get the periwinkle and argyle cities. :heart: :heart:
  13. I am totally undecided at the moment but it will definitely have the giant hardware. I might even do black. And then perhaps a vert d'eau clutch? I don't know but it's so much fun pondering the possibilities!