SS06 Chloes 50% off at LVR

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  1. Thanks Roxane, and what a steal too...:nuts:

    But sadly, i've not long purchased a paddy so i think i'm just going to have to pass.:crybaby:
    Note to self - step away from the computer..:banned:
  2. thanks for posting. I am going to get the front pocket bag. I just need to decide on taupe or mousse.
  3. What currency are they using?? what are the prices in US$?
  4. The prices are in Euros.
  5. I am trying to decide on the colour too!!! is the mousse the orangy colour and the taupe the beige??
  6. The mousse is that green/blue/gray. I think you can find some pictures if you go to the Chloe Color Documentation messages. Taupe can also be found there. Taupe is that sand beige color.
  7. I just called Nordstrom for that bag and they have it on sale for $969. At LVR it will be about $650 US, is that correct?
  8. Yes that is correct. I don't know how much shipping is. That is better than the Nordstrom sale.
  9. No comparison....but now which colour to choose?!?!?
  10. I think I will get mousse. Since it is such a unique color. Alot of members seem to like the mousse. There is a thread about someone trying to decide the black or mousse and so far the majority is voting for mousse. However, you should pick the one that you like best. Something that matches a lot of your outfits. I really like the mousse. It looks like it would definitely stand out compared to the taupe.
  11. what would mousse match???
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