SS Panthère Watch diamond setting by independent jeweler

Hi all! I just purchased the SS Panthère in the small size and am obsessed--it's my first real watch after wearing Apple Watches the last couple years. I really did like the diamond version, but couldn't justify the extra $4,000 for something a jeweler could do for a fraction of the cost. I was wondering if any of you had something similar done on your Cartier creations by a local jeweler, whether you think it's a good idea, and the ballpark prices you paid? Pictures welcome! Thanks so much.
Now I'm not into watches at all and have never done anything even remotely similar but I think it's a bad idea because if you for some reason need to go to Cartier with your watch they wont touch it. You have to make a decision based on what matter more to you. I don't even think they'd help you no matter how defective or what problem your watch could have. Since I'm not into watches I don't know either if any watchmaker could help if something happens. Just my two cents :smile:
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I personally would not do aftermarket diamonds. They lower the value of a watch, especially if it's a well-known Swiss-made watch like Cartier, Rolex, AP, etc.
I considered the SS Panthere with diamonds but at the end of the day I realized I liked it with gold a little more, so went for the TT Panthere. (TT for more flexibility in daily wear).

But at the end of the day it is your watch. You bought it and you can do whatever you want with it. If you love diamonds and having diamonds on the watch makes you that much happier, then why not?
The only concern would be reselling it. But you plan to keep your watch for yourself, then it does not matter. :smile:
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Hi! Congratulations on the purchase of your new watch! There is a bit of a calculation to be made here, and it is up to you to decide how to proceed. Of course, Cartier's fee for their little sprinkles of diamonds WELL exceed what it would cost to have it done in the same specs elsewhere (although I have rarely seen the quality of Cartier's settings matched).

The moment you modify a Cartier piece with anything that is not from them, you have significantly harmed the value of the item, and they will not ever touch it in their factory again. Your watch is probably less desirable on the market after you add money to it.

If you really want the diamonds and watch is unworn, I'd personally go exchange. If you are going to keep this thing forever, don't mind servicing it privately (which frankly is totally legitimate), don't mind voiding your warranty, or don't mind losing the money when you sell, go ahead and do the diamonds aftermarket.