SS no longer?

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  1. I was clicking away on my favorites/shopping sites, and curiously clicked on sophisticated spirit and it's no longer working! Is it just down? Congrats to those who found out she was selling fake paddys!
  2. Hmmm, good question. I just tried it too and it just says that the page can not be displayed. I hope it's shut down..Shame on them!
  3. She will probably just set up under another name. It's sad that there are people out there who make their living off scamming people. If feel bad for those who bought from her believing it was real, it is going to not be a pretty sight when someone tells them its not real.
  4. *whew* good thing i never purchased anything from that site.. was all her merchandise fake? i believe there was a hot debate about this in another thread a while ago..
  5. Oh wow. What happened to that slick site design that she once had on her site? Now it looks like a 12-year-old designed it back in 1995 with Homesite.

    /me stabs his eyeballs with a rusty pick.
  6. She won't be pushing any business anytime soon. With all her merchant links being disfunctional and redirecting back to the store site, she ain't even gonna sell a luke warm hotdog.
  7. Looks like whoever owned the site design, pulled it after the recent fiasco. Wonder what happened? I'm still wondering if I got a C&D from Lynda's lawyer, as I was threatened. I guess I'll see next week once I get back home.
  8. i'd love to go after all the fakes on ebay, could you imagine if we did something about it that forced ebay to take action? we'd get so much press!!!

  9. Tiffany and Co is trying, they are suing ebay for allowing the sale of counterfits. Gucci has filled 30 suit against websites selling fakes and they are currently after 100 more.(from harpers bazzar jan issue)
  10. What about LV?

  11. LV has plently of suits in the past and ongoing and will continue to fill lawsuits as long as fakes are made.
  12. yeah i heard about that too, but so far hasn't made a dent in the fake section in ebay...

  13. we only hope that one day, with enough fighting, it will happen.
  14. well i think a lot of people actually look for fakes on ebay because they can't afford the real thing. and ebay makes money off of these fakes, so they don't care. the only thing would be for the designer houses actually go after these sellers/or ebay.

    but if we brought down one site, we could bring down others.
  15. There are a TON of replica sites.. When I first started looking for places to buy Louis Vuitton online (when I wasn't aware of the fact that only eluxury had the licence) I got a TON of hits..

    Just check these out:

    It makes me SICK!! :evil: And MAD!! :mad: There has to be something LV can do!! I would be happy to donate my time to help them close these websites down. Maybe we should offer our assistance :P