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Apr 9, 2008
I totally agree with you. You can really tell the point where youtubers turn from passionate reviewers and collectors into business people. I rather listen to the ones who have only a few subbies than the ones who are making money out of youtube and get the special treatment from the brands. It is even worse in the perfume community (I love perfumes too). The youtubers get all kinds of expensive perfumes for free to review them. I don't trust their reviews at all, because all of a sudden all the expensive scents smell heavenly etc... :rolleyes:
(sorry for getting off-topic...)
Yes...this exactly. :tup:
Yeah she definitely was not acting like herself (I've watched pretty much all her videos). Funny you mentioned storyline because she did post she was getting a new CA and less than two weeks later she's sent an "it" bag; so if a "deal" was made it must have been during that time.
This is why I have to stay off YouTube. They are all full of sh*t. Something wasn't right about this whole thing.
Yes I think this is it! I don’t think people thought she worked for them but definitely thought she got it early to build a following for it. I love the Gucci version you shared! I’m definitely off the loop train, I snagged a garden speedy so if I don’t keep it I’ll be looking into the Gucci!!
No way this bag just "appeared" for her. She got it b/c of her following.