SS 2014 collection

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  1. when was the official launch of the SS 2014 collection? and when was the most recent price increase? I just want to know if the increase was before or after?
  2. The show release? they were released 15th Feb here and there was no price increase on the s/s 2014 MJ Final Collection.
  3. I believe the price increase was early March 2014.
  4. I meant for the SS small accessories collection which includes the new colours corail and rose clair.
  5. Summer Seasonal releases … wasn't that long ago and price increase occurred before the release.
  6. I heard the price increase was early march, so you're saying the SS released after early march right?
  7. Looking at the April purchases you can see new Epi Colours were released Early April
    and I know here in Aus the price was increased for the new epi colours in the N/F and US had a price increase 3rd March