SS 2011 Precollection’s Colour card

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  1. Hel-lo Ardoise! Thanks for posting the colours :smile:
  2. Ardoise is AMAZINGGGGG
  3. it even looks like blue gracier.. maybe??
  4. I saw these swatches a few weeks ago....glad someone posted them so I dont have to walk the fine line and maybe get in trouble!

    Nuage and Ardoise are my top picks, along with maybe Grenadine?

    Nuage is stunning..very eye catching IRL (according to my source);)

    Ardoise is slate colored like slate tile roofs....

    Grenadine is just like the syrup!

    And Mimosa is such a happy bright yellow, but not in your face bright like Bouton Dor....
  5. Thanks roey,
    this is definately gonna be one of those "have to see on a bag" colours for me I think.
  6. OMG! I like quite a few...eek! So, this is only the precollection...oh dear, so there's more coming :wacko:
  7. LOL, well it looks like your safe, for the moment at least.

    Wonder which styles are discontinued/new ... so much change every season recently. And the leather is so inconsistent.
  8. I don't care for any of the collection colors. My wallet is safe next season.
  9. That was fast. We're barely into the F?W '10 colors and next yr's color swatch is out?! WOW:shocked:
  10. MIMOSA
    dreaming of covered envelope /covered city

  11. ^ ^ i'm with you two !! :yahoo:

    thank you for sharing *kawaii628* :smile:

    we need pix !! where's *Rui Rui* ??!! :woohoo:
  12. I like Ardoise (looks a little like Ink), Nuage and Veux Rose. I just bought a Bois De Rose City in RH, can't wait to get her.
  13. okay... maybe i was half asleep yesterday! there is a gray! oh no....

    i know i will get rggh ardoise and nuage.... :love:
  14. loving ardoise! did i see agneau on the color chart???
  15. Thank you for posting! Can't wait to see ardoise.
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