SS 2011 Precollection’s Colour card

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  1. Grenadine and Ardoise :love: Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thank you for sharing it! :heart:
    I hoped Bal would make AG or Lime kind of bright green color. Seems I have to waaait and waaaaait for it.
  3. Since there was just a Lime Green you might have to wait a long time for another. But you never now :smile:
  4. Ardoise in RGGH! :heart:
  5. Thank you for posting! :love: Nuage and Ardoise...

    Militaire looks muted and darker than Light Olive; Vieux Rose looks like a light brown to me :confused1:; Grenadine seems a tad like Sang; Mimosa looks brighter and bolder than Moutarde.

    Something to look forward to again... :cool:
  6. oh my! militaire in rggh has my :heart: :love:
  7. Thank you so much for posting. Nuage looks very interesting....
  8. yayyy militaire seems the khaki green i waited for years :heart: thanks for posting!!
  9. thanks for posting :smile:
  10. Hope Militaire is the army green. I would love to get it with RGGH :love:
  11. Oh wow! Thanks for posting!
    I kinda like Ardoise :yes:

    skyblueday, Me tooooo!!! I am waiting for Bordeaux, Grenat, Marron, anything similar to wine red!
  12. :tup: I can imagine that combo!

  13. Does Praline looks like the past season's argent??
  14. Thanks for posting this!! :nuts: Hmmmm not bad but I would have liked to see a colour similar to marine.
  15. Praline ....... Yeah!!!!!!! I hope it's as nice as 2009........IT'S MINE!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: