SS 2011 Precollection’s Colour card

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  1. Ohhhhh.....nuage, mimosa, militare.:drool:
    what month are in the stores?
  2. ^^^ I don't know, sorry - the other more experienced TPF members will know. My guess is sometime in Sept in US/UK a bit later for Oz/Australia.
  3. City or Work RGGH militaire: baba :
  4. Thanks SkyBlueDay.:smile:
  5. WOW, kawaii628 Thanks for sharing!
    Nuage seems to be the type of Lilac I've been waiting for :girlsigh:
    Could Ardoise be a variation of Argent? It seems darker in the swatches though...
    And Mimosa look like a pastel yellow, that would be adorable :love:
    Thanks so much :flowers:
  6. ooh Grenadine and Nuage look interesting!
  7. kawaii628, thank you so much for posting these swatches.
  8. Usually the collection goes out End of November - December
  9. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks Kawaii I can see the swatches now.
  11. Thanks for posting these.

    Anthracite looks very dark this season but ardoise looks interesting, like a lighter shade of anthra. Not that I need another grey bag, LOL.
  12. Thanks for posting! I think Nuage looks very interesting:yes:
  13. Wow! Thanks for sharing! I was actually wondering what next season's colors will be like... :biggrin:

    Though I'm disappointed that there's no amethyst/magenta-like color coming out, ardoise, nuage and mimosa has got my eye!
  14. fabulous, thanks!
  15. loving the militare and ardoise..cant wait to see them in real!

    thx for the post :smile::smile: