SS 2011 Precollection’s Colour card

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  1. I dunno if anyone posted this yet? I received from a friend...thought I'd share as I always get my info first hand from TPF :biggrin:

    Vieux Rose

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  2. Thanks for sharing!

    I can't enlarge the thumbnail (comes up blank when I click on it) but Ardoise has me intrigued. I wonder if it's another blue-grey like Tempete? Militaire looks like a darker version of Olive.

    No navy or red - I am saved!
  3. I'm dying!!!!!!
    I need to have Nuage, Vieux Rose, Grenadine and Mimosa. SIGH
  4. Thanks for this! I am loving Militaire...I hope it's got more grey/brown undertones...
    And Vieux Rose seems interesting, too, but I'll have to reserve judgment till later!
  5. not sure if it's my computer monitor...but vieux rose looks like bois de rose to me, and grenadine looks like pivoine!
  6. how can i enlarge the pic for you to see? help?

    i'm interested in ardiose,nuage and militaire...:biggrin:
  7. grenadine looks interesting!
  8. OMG...I really want a yellow Bal I guess Mimosa is my goal then...
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!
  9. Loving mimosa & nuage! Ardoise looks like the perfect shade of grey.
  10. I can not see the pic you posted. Can you please save the pic to .jpg and re-post it ? :smile:
  11. here u go! hope it works! :smile:

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  12. [​IMG]

    not liking anything yet
  13. ^^^ I can see the swatches now - thank you so much for posting!

    I have translated the names of the colours from french to english to give us a little more idea (although most are obvious anyway) ;):

    Ardoise = Slate
    Praline = Praline
    Militaire = Soldier
    Nuage = Cloud
    Vieux Rose = Antique Pink
    Grenadine = Grenadine
    Mimosa = Mimosa

    I must say - none of these colours are doing it for me so far.....can't wait to see the main collection colours!
  14. hhhhmmm ........

    thanks for posting this!! still undecided on the color but nuage has my interest :smile:

    i hope a new gray will come out!
  15. Wow, thank you for posting this!!

    Mimosa in a RH Town, oh yes... and Nuage and Militaire... mmmm!

    However, I am still waiting for Bal to re-release a Bordeaux/Grenat/Burgundy/Black-Cherry Town or Work in either RH or RGGH. Ooh, now THAT is my latest HG!
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