ss 08 Electric Blue

  1. sorry to be ignorant but why it is that if some fo the s/s 08 colours have been released like the pinks etc that electirc blue hasn't? do they release them at different times because i thought that a collection was released as a collection whole....

    again.. sorry to be ignorant but it's been bugging me :girlsigh::hysteric:
  2. for each season, Balenciaga releases a pre-season and a season. The pre-season colors come out now through January/early February, while the season colors come in February/March. Within the pre-season colors, the colors and styles come in waves, so the first wave contained Cities, Firsts, and Days in Petal Pink, Pale Magenta, Vert Thym, and Sahara. The rest of the styles + the other pre-season colors, like Electric Blue are slated to come in January. Hope that elucidates the mystery for ya!