SS 08: Could another YELLOW be on the way? (pics of resort collection)...

  1. Many of you might remember the thread I started back in April that shows the runway Ready to wear pieces reflecting the colors of the Fall Winter 2007 accessories line.

    So with the newly released photos of Balenciagas Resort Collection, I start to wonder if another YELLOW might actually be a part of the core collection of SS 08...

    (If that green print on her shirt turns out to be a color for the accessories line, I would totally die!:shocked:...then come back to life to get myself on the waiting list!:yahoo:)...


    Also, look at the headscarf on the photo above...could that be the new magenta? (it does have more pink in it!)

    I'm secretly hoping that they would release another grey with the same shade as the suit below...

    Are you liking that shade of yellow?

    Look very closely at her you see the electric blue?


    Perhaps a beige like the clutch?....
    and would you like a City in the color of her top below?


    How about a coral? (the beading on the dress)...


    This might sound crazy, but I actually love the shoes.

    If we go by the past runway collections, there could actually be a possibility...

    Which color would you like to see?
  2. ^All of the above.
  3. I'm in love with the blouse :p

    Actually I love the whole look

    Thanks incoralblue!!
  4. [​IMG]

    Forgot to mention the BUBBLEGUM PINK print on her top as well.
  5. I am loving the tropical colors updated. Very appealing!!
  6. Actually, I'd LOVE to see another yellow....the perfect shade for me would be CAB YELLOW!

    I'd love to see Sage Green looking like the girl's skirt...and perhaps Coral.
    Also, I'm crossing my fingers that there'd be another red.....a darker red that resembles 03 red.

    But more than anything, I'm anxiously waiting for Electric Blue!!!!!! I'm hoping this would be close to 04 Dark Turquoise....or I could live with a cross between 04 DT and 07 French Blue:heart:
  7. I am Sooo lovin' this entire look!!!!!!
    The resort collection seems drastically different from what Nicholas has ever 70's chic.
    Honestly, Nicholas never ceases to amaze me:yahoo:
  8. It's really fabulous , thanks ICB.:yahoo::tup:
  9. If I had to choose only one color - it would be that green on her shirt. That is the blue-green jade color I've been dying for!

    Oh - and the clothes are awesome! I adore the plaid three-piece suit and the beaded mini dress. Love the scarves, too.
  10. I LOVE the pinks, green, and blues in the outfits you posted. I would really like to see a coppery-orange color like on the head scarf in the second pic.
  11. Yes, I love the sleeves on the top - plus the cuffs just make it even more fierce!
  12. OMG! I am sooo hoping for an 04 Dark Turquoise too!!! I really really hope it's like that.

    A taxi cab yellow would be hot! I'm crossing my fingers for those two colors (and that yummy green!)

    I love the retro looks he has going on in the Resort collection, and funnily enough, they are also going "retro" with the colors for the accessory line for SS 08.
  13. Incoral, are you still getting something in Jaune? or even Violet?...when will the collection colors be announced? August??

    04 Dark Turquoise is one of the colors I sooooo regretted not getting back in 04, when it was available at BalNY. It's such a vibrant, gorgeous electric blue.....I'd be in heaven if SS08 Electric Blue is reminiscent of DT!!!!

    You know, one of the many reasons why I love Nicholas so much is because of his obsession for 60's futurism and 80's rock....blended in with beautiful tailoring he's so wonderful at. But this new 70's retro look is so refreshing.....I LIKE!!!

    I'm really curious to see the runway collection for SS08!!
  14. Tooshies! You have read my mind. :heart:
  15. I'm getting Le Pochette in Jaune (although I haven't spoken to Daphne in ages, hope she hasn't forgotten about me!).

    I, too, am looking forward to the SS 08 RTW collection.

    And yeah, I'm keeping my hopes up that Electric Blue will be much like 04 Dark Turquoise.