Sry if already posted, must post: Rouge Paddy NAP $924

  1. Someone go get her! I have that one and its fab
  2. Wow, that was quick, she gone already.
  3. It appeared back up around 10:30 am, I got her in my shopping cart but when I go to process through it is stopping me. Even called NAP and they tried to put it through, go further than I did and even put my credit card it, but went to process it and it didn't come back with confirmation. So between the rep and the one sitting in my bag, hoping I can get this worked through. I was really shopping for a rouge, but its a beautiful color and a great price--so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Don't have a good feeling though.
  4. NAP gave me a confirmation on the Paddy Rouge at $924--great deal. Hope there are no snags.
  5. Nice one ReRe. Hope you get her.
  6. ReRe its exciting - keep us posted
  7. Thanks for your good wishes. I was very nervous looking at the NAP website, the order looked strange with no shipping dollars next to it, but after weeding through all my purse forum emails, there it was. Confirmation that it had shipped, I'm very excited.

    I asked my husband (during his favorite show- deal or no deal) if he thought I should get an Easter bag this year. He said "an Easter basket?" and I said no an Easter bag. All he said was uh oh. I went on to explain the saga of the NAP red bag that I missed out on in December that miracuosly disappeared and reappeared in my cart, the Sunday am phone call with the NAP reps and really drew the whole thing out. Until I actually had him convinced that it would be divine intervention if the bag order actually went through--just think all that savings. I tried not to mention that a Red Paddy was not actually on my wishlist. So I guess it would have been more appropriate for Xmas or Valentine's day but it looks like Rouge Paddy is coming my way and I'll be chasing the DHL truck down. Since I am reading that most of you ladies put your Rouge's away, maybe I can call it an Xmas present and have hubby give it to me for Xmas. It would be a perfect Xmas gift! :love:
  8. There's a jade paddy on for $752. Great price. Not rouge, but still cool....