Sry, I can't help but to Return Snow White!

  1. Chanel Patent bag sure don't last long! Remember my patent bag-Snow White? Was going back b/c i don't like the yellowing factor of patent bag, but SA convinced me to give it a try and tell me i can exchange if i really don't like it even if i past the return policy limit, so i took it out for a spin for an evening outing and realized one side turned yellow already!:cursing: needless to say, it's going back. Guess i will have to stick w/Caviar for Chanel...

    So i was racking my brain what would be a good white caviar bag that i will get tons of use of...i realized it is the GST my SA originally want me to get instead of PST:p Oops! Since i already have a black PST coming my way this wed, i really don't want another black tote, so I ask my poor SA to look up GST in white since the color goes w/everything and i don't have any white bags. Hopefully she can find some one b/c there's no white PST floating around in Saks systm....

    I feel really bad about returning a bag b/c they live on commission, but if I exchange it, they still get the commission right?
  2. Yes if you return the white patent and THEN buy a white GST your S/A will still get a commission. Did you consider the Classic Jumbo Flap in white caviar?
  3. Sorry to hear about the yellowing of the bag -- if it's already showing signs of yellowing now it's just not worth it. That's also a huge concern for me as I contemplate whether to invest in a blush crackled patent leather flap....granted it's not snow white in color, but still a light color and I'm worried about yellowing.

    I think the GST in white would make a great replacement -- I remember seeing those available at Bergdorf Goodman's Chanel mid-last-week. You can give them a call (they should also have the PST)....and it's no tax if shipped outside NY!
  4. Wow does it really yellow that quick!? :wtf: I was seriously considering a blush crackled patent too but after hearing this I think I'm scared to buy it!
  5. How long have you had the bag for, can I ask?
  6. Are you sure it didnt rub up against something? I find it hard to believe that you wore it out once and it yellowed? I mean they sit in the store and dont yellow? How about color transfer, could that be it???
  7. Oh my, that is bad if it yellowed so fast. I would think this would take years.

  8. I agree...I can't believe that Chanel would produce a bag only to have it yellow almost immediately. My SA assured me that yellowing would not be an issue with the white patent. I mean if it happened over years with semi-regular use I could see it, but not immediately! If this is so, shame on Chanel for producing such poor quality.

    I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out ..b/c it is a beautiful bag.
  9. i have the gst in white and black. i love them both to death. the white one is stunning has silver hardware. it's really something else.

    i have a dior gym bag with white patent trim and it yellow-d too. sucks. it really is UGLY when it does that! sorry to hear that hap to you!
  10. oh no.. im sorry to hear that!! Hope u can find a more beautiful Snow White soon!! :yes:
  11. I think the blush color is nowhere close to white at all so I would not worry about yellowing at all with that blush color. With white though I know it will turn yellow over time, that's not avoidable so I wouldn't buya whte patent bag personally but I didn't think it will turn yellow just after 1 use!!
  12. honestly after 1 use I think it is more like a color transfer than yellowing, but color transfer on white patent is also deadly....I gotta be careful about color transfer with my blush patent one!
  13. the bag has been sitting in the dust bag since i got it, never lay under the sun or heat. I am pretty sure it's not color transfering b/c the yellowed part is even and not spotty, and I wore a black chiffon dress that night, will try to post the pix tues mid night after i get back from work....:'(
  14. sorry to hear that your bag yellowed! usually that process does take a couple of years though.
    if you do the exchange, s/he should still be able to get the commission.
    good luck!
  15. That's awful it happened after 1 use. That's why I stay away from white bags even though I think they look so chic. Please post a pic.