Squooshified Teal City BIN!

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  1. why are you going to let this bag go Beverly? this bag was one of your favorites, isn't?
  2. Gorgeous--good luck, Beverly!
  3. It was!! It was the bag I swore up and down I'd never get rid of. I still :heart: :heart: :heart: the color and MOST of all, the leather (it's by far the most buttery soft out of all my B bags).... but I've decided the City size isn't "me" anymore... so I'm replacing all my B bags with First sizes ;)
  4. Does that mean you'll be selling the boxes and the lighter blue City as well? Your collection is so beautiful, I have no idea how you part with it!!!
  5. i loooooooooooooooooooove it! *drools*
  6. Yes.. will be gradually 'purging' them and buying them in First sizes instead :smile:
  7. ^ :drool: :nuts: :graucho: :party:
  8. I remember seeing a photo of you with this bag and thought it looked amazing on you but good luck with the sale!
  9. All the best with the sales!!!! :smile:
  10. Beautiful!! Now I need to go to look up how much that would be in US dollars.
  11. IT JUST SOLD..... ooooh... it was my favourite softest buttery-est bag.. I miss it already, *lol*
  12. Bev, i thought your keeping your FIRST sizes?? why SEAFOAM FIRST???..

    Congrats on the sale BTW~