Squishy or Structured?

  1. After buying three canvas/leather trim LV bags these last two months, which I love by the way, I have decided that my next buy should be a basic my handbag wardrobe needs: a leather satchel. I find myself admiring the soft, squishy, unstructured leather bags you see alot of these days, but I also love some of the structured classics that are stiff and sleek. Just out of curiosity, which do you prefer and why?
  2. i prefer slouchy as slouchy as possible for a bag :p
    that's why i'm so obsessed with balenciaga bags, they have the most beautiful leather :p
  3. I tend to prefer structured (or sometimes soft-structured) because I don't like it when things inside the bag move around. For example, I usually carry a book around with me and I hate when it ends up on the bottom of the bag with the cover bent because other objects have shifted onto it. I like things to stay where I put them. Slouchy bags just seem so much less organizable. I hope that makes sense...
  4. This is a great question! I prefer both. I love squishy bags like Balenciaga and Chloes....but then I also love structured bags such as the Muse or LV Popincourt. I think it depends on what mood/environment I am in. If it's casual I go for the squishy but when I glam it up I go sleek and structured.
  5. Definitely squishy, ergo, my Balenciaga obsession at the moment...:yes:
  6. I like squishy and unstructured. I "squish" my LV speedy all the time!
  7. i don't like structured.. well its ok.. but i prefer "loose" type bags that does whatever it wants, like the LV Speedy and Baggy

    a structed bag I DO like is the LV Viva-cite MM!! Oh I LOVE it!
  8. Squishy, slouchy, not too structured :love: I'm in love with these types of handbags right now!
  9. Both. In Speedies I like slouchy and in shoulder bags I usually go for structured.
  10. I like structured bags, because it's easier to look for things inside the bag
  11. I've been on a slouchy bag kick for the last year, but am coming back around to a more structured bag. I'm getting tired of digging around in the bottom of the bag for stuff. I just picked up a Botkier Bianca last week, and am anticipating that this bag will strike just the right balance between smooshy and organized. Another thing, I'm not buying any more bags that don't have some kind of interior organization. At least a zip and cell phone pocket.
  12. i like a modicum of structure. it helps to find things easier, the shape is not messy and overall i think a bag, even if just slightly structured, makes you look pulled together.
  13. I like bags that are less structured so when I sling it around, I don't have to worry too much about squishing the shape! Although for work, it looks more professional to carry a structured bag to client meetings...
  14. I prefer squishy bags. They are so much easier to carry.
  15. Agree with the girls. Squishy is more casual, every day look. Plus you can stuff lots more stuff in a squishy bag. Structure looks more formal...when you want to go fine dining etc.