*Squeel* I found the bag I wanted!

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  1. I would consider the Isabella Fiore, myself.. I think it's very unique and for me quality counts.. I've never liked one of her bags before so i was surprized to find this one! The first one isn't bad either if you don't mind the quality, etc.. i'd definitely carry this bag before a heavily inspired one, you know? Hope i helped, was trying to be constructive!
  2. I like quality too that's why I never buy online, I have to see and feel the bags before I make a purchase. Quality-wise, the only purse that ever fell apart on me was Donna Karan, even my Guess bags held up better, in fact, too well for the price. My Guess bags definitely outlasted my Prada that is brand new and is already in repair because the sealant on the handles just cracked. I went to NM and found a bunch of other brand new Pradas with the same problem. But what do I know about quality? ;)
  3. I have to say I never liked Isabella Fiore myself and the last bag just reminded me why I don't like her designs.
  4. Wow, there are really no rules in fashion anymore if even Cynthia Rowley does this and it is sold by Saks, no less...

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  5. Oh wow! I wonder what it's called...
  6. I think it's called "Tania" or "Tonya", something like that.
  7. Not really feelin the bag...
  8. I saw it IRL already and I have to say, it's identical to YSL, the pic doesn't do it justice. And the leather on it is incredible, thick yet soft like silk... I think she outdid YSL on leather quality, I wonder what it is...
  9. Eek, after sleeping on it, I think that funky downtown shape bugs me... even the check isn't helping it anymore... now I am glad I didn't get the real YSL:sweatdrop:
  10. this thread is in the wrong Forum and going the wrong way.

    all done!
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