*Squeel* I found the bag I wanted!

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  1. lhasalover, can you state with absolute certainty that this shape has never been made before? Are you a handbag historian? Ever been to a handbag museum? Just curious. It's like with the CL lovers, they are convinced that CL invented the red sole. Ignorance is bliss.
  2. Your first post in this thread suggested otherwise. It did not say you wanted a check pattern bag but that you loved the Vichy downtown so much.

  3. One positive thing about this thread though...for a while there was little activity on this forum. Glad to know ya'll are still alive out there! =)
  4. Fake bags are a def no-no in TPF but there seems to be a grey area regarding "look alikes" that don't sport the logo but are obvious replicas of designer bags. I guess the lesson here is that if you are going to post a "look-alike", be prepared to be criticized cause the line is blurred between these and fakes. Everyone has their own passionate opinion.

    Glad you found a bag that makes you happy.

  5. ITA. This is the YSL forum. TPFers in this forum love YSL, not copies, otherwise you'd find us on the COPIES forum. I think it understandable you found less than affrimation in our reactions.
  6. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    That's exactly what I was thinking!

    The YSL forum has been a bit quiet lately, but this topic has definitely spiced it up again!
  7. :yes:

    I think there are only three of us active TPF members that own the Vichy downtown tote. YSL did not make that many.
  8. Good to know the forum is alive and kicking, but I thought the bags were awesome enough to generate this much response and interest on their own without unnecessary controversy :wondering.
  9. I'd rather see a counterfeit than a knock off with someone else's name on it, trying to take credit for a design that is not theirs.
  10. The entire reason I liked the bag is because of the check and how it balances an otherwise awkward shape of downtown. If I were to put a monetary value on the shape vs. pattern, I would say I like the shape $300 much and the pattern $1700 much. Does that make sense?
  11. Oh, a fake fan popped up :graucho: Sorry to disappoint, I don't own any.
  12. Thanks, the bag actually does make me happy given the situation. I still don't think that I should be criticized, since nowehere I stated that I bought YSL for $70. I got what I paid for, isn't that true? I would understand everyone's reaction if I scored YSL for that amount, but a good copy?? Clearly, it's a good one given the reaction.
  13. *dannncee* we're special! heh
  14. I like the first one, but the last two are hideous. would you buy them, sammydoll?
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