*Squeel* I found the bag I wanted!

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  1. My issue with copies is that they are just that, copies. Think of the artistic intricacies a designer brilliantly initiates on his or her own. Surely for that they are entitled to the royalties their brilliant design garners for them. When someone steals an idea, call it a fake or copy, they still steal an idea. :nogood:They should not reap the benefits from another's creativity, sweat and toil. Credit where credit is due please:rolleyes:.
  2. That's a very good point, probably from the realm of ethics. I don't know how the fashion industry assigns credit to designers, I am just a consumer. I would imagine, it's up to the designers to control how their ideas are distributed. For now, I see just about any design copied by Forever21, why nobody has issue with that? I just got a coat from F21, which people tell me looks just like Max Mara, I didn't know, it has no MM logo on it. Why don't we go further and discuss how immoral it is to buy a dead buffalo and a goat, what if they were killed inhumanely? Just because the dead skin has YSL logo, doesn't make it any more moral to purchase. There are a lot of ethical and moral issues here, maybe we need another thread. I'd refer you to the "Snakes skinned alive* thread in the general Handbags and Purses section, maybe you would think twice about buying a real thing when there is suffering involved. You can take any moral issue to any extreme.
  3. Guccidiva, don't worry about the naysayers. I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong, but rather to each their own, ya know? If you like it then you enjoy it and don't worry about others' opinions on it. You don't need to justify or defend your purchases, IMO.
  4. this is funny, but I just talked to a friend who is against killing animals for fashion and she thinks it's perfectly moral to buy a bag that is a copy of the real thing as long as it's not made of murdered animals. She thinks that on the ethical scale these two issues don't even compare. If it was up to her, she would BAN all of the designers who make big bucks on suffering. Just another point of view, gals :smile:
  5. I wasn't worried, honestly, and didn't think I would have to justify anything. I thought that it was so darn well copied for the money and like I said, imitation (when it's a good one) is flattering. I did see the real bag and while I would like to have it, it's not to be.:sad:
  6. Guccidiva - are you saying that you don't own any real leather goods? You don't own a designer handbag from LV, Gucci, Prada, etc? You don't have a pair of leather shoes? A leather belt? A leather wallet?

    This whole animal issue definitely is a completely separate topic.

    Just from my point of view, I think alot of the TPFers on the YSL forum are here to appreciate/cleberate/share their love for their YSL handbags. Naturally, some of us will get a little upset when others are showcasing a "replica/inspired/fake" of the real thing. Just imagine that you purchased something that you really loved and you were very proud of...a watch let's say. You worked VERY hard to save up for it. The next day, your friend comes up to you and shows off a look-a-like watch but rubbed it in that she got it for so much cheaper than yours. How would you feel?

    So just saying ...to reiterate my previous point, maybe this thread really doens't belong to the YSL forum
  7. No, I am not saying I don't own any leather goods. I am not an animal rights activist. I am simply saying why dump moral issues in this thread, if we start discussing morals, you can have just about an endless discussion.

    As for another issue you bring up, if that item that I bought and worked hard for wasn't available anymore and my friend got a good copy, I would be happy for her. My watch would say CHanel and hers would say Joe Shmoe, so what? I didn't buy a bag with YSL logo for $70, can you sense a difference?? The check pattern has been around for hundreds of years, that's why YSL can't copyright it or they would. Just the other day, I was on the market for a ceramic watch but Chanel is a bit too pricey for me, I walk into a Guess store, and they have ceramic watches with CZ instead of diamonds for $135. Very similar look, except Chanel watch says Chanel and Guess says Guess. Do you think that Chanel can copyright ceramic? it's been made way before Chanel. They can only copyright the name, not the look/materials. And they can't make CZ not look like diamonds because they do.

    I had to settle for what I could get, and yes, I am happy for the money. I am not 100% happy but 99%. That's life, it's "like a box of chocolates":smile:

    And again, for those in a bunker who obviously need a hearing aid: I didn't buy a fake.
  8. If it was just the check pattern it would be one thing. You could have bought a bag in a different shape with the check pattern.

    But, the bag in question is in the same shape as the downtown and in the check pattern. So, it is a fake. It may not have a YSL logo on it, but the shape is what YSL came up with not some Joe Shmoe.
  9. Oh my goodness, of course I complained weeks ago on the similarity of the check tote. I had just spent hundreds of dollars on mine!

    In any case, the OP was disappointed the Vichy is not available anymore. She has an amazing shoe and exquisite handbag collection and just wanted to share what she found.

    GDiva, I know what you mean and sorry this is getting out of hand!
  10. Oh, ok, so no one can make a satchel shape then? YSL does, yet it's been around before YSL started with handbags. It's like with Christian Lauboutin and the red soles, every one who owns CL is convinced that CL should patent the red sole not realizing that Carlos Santana made red soles way before CL. For a lot less money. So who is copying who?
  11. I would gladly buy any black bag with check pattern, have you seen any? I settled for what's available. If they had a diferent design with check pattern, I would get it provided I like the shape and it's functional. I didn't go out looking for a copy, remember?
  12. I totally don't blame you and you know that I do buy real bags when I have a choice. People are chewing on me when it's YSL who's the problem. Make more freaking bags, YSL :graucho:
  13. I am not talking about a general satchel shape. It is shape of the downtown. The reason you were attracted to it in the first place was because it had both the check pattern and the shape that you like. I am neither condoning nor condemning your choice. You are comfortable wearing it, so be it.
  14. Nobody is chewing on you. This is a public forum. You posted your feelings (excitement) and everyone else posted their feelings too. Peace.
  15. I don't care for the shape as much as the black/check combo. If I liked the shape so much, I would have a downtown collection by now. Like I said, I would buy a bag in another shape provided it had that combo of patterns but I can't find any. I HAD TO SETTLE FOR WHAT'S AVAILABLE. So tired of repeating the same thing.

    Yes, I am completely comfortable carrying it. The people who don't know about YSL will just think it's cute and the people who know, will know.
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