Squeeky sound of the leather and metal chain...

  1. I was wondering if this bothered any of you? I just purchased the large classic flap today and I noticed that the leather and metal chain makes a sort of squeeky sound. Does this go away?
  2. I've never noticed it with my bags. Next time I'm out, I'll have to listen very close.
  3. I haven't noticed anything like that with my bags.....:hrmm:
  4. Oh gosh...I tried on every one that they had there and they all made that sound. Maybe I'm being super sensitive. :shrugs:
  5. I've notice it with my Jumbo Flap and I hope it will go away.
  6. Hmmmm....maybe I don't hear anything over the voices in my head saying "my isn't this a lovely Chanel I am wearing today"...hehehehe.:p LOL !
  7. Oh thank god!! I thought I was going crazy!!!:sweatdrop:
  8. i noticed this as well! i don't know if it bothers me... lol
  9. I noticed it too and it bothered me at first -- mine is only a few weeks old so the sound hasn't gone away, but it doesn't really bother me anymore.
  10. Yep that was the FIRST thing i noticed when i bought my 1st caviar flap, actually! that "squeaky" sound was quite strange, but with wear, and as the caviar softens up, the sound goes away. You're definitely not going crazy :smile:
  11. Depends on how I hold it, but I've noticed it.
  12. Yeah i asked the SA why it did this and if it was always going too! but with wear and tear, the leather will soften and the noise will stop :smile:
  13. Yeah, the two GSTs I had in my posession before this one squeaked quite a bit...the leather of the one I have now must be softer because it doesn't squeak half as much but to be honest I kind of like the sound...lol
  14. Does Caviar leather soften up over time on the flaps? Mine is new and feels very rigid and hard.
  15. ^ i notice that! but i'm not really bothered by it. anyway, i guess caviar will soften in time but for the flap, it is structured and supposed to be that way, so i doubt the caviar will soften that much.