*squeals* Whatcha think? Thinking of asking for this for my bday in april! :D

  1. [​IMG]
    In this colour too!
  2. You might want to try and post the link again... I think it got a bit jumbled
  3. I edited it...can you see the pic?
  4. Oooh!! I love!!!! hmmm...What color is that? Is that from spring or cruise '07?
  5. Yep... and it's BEAUTIFUL!! I absolutely love the color! Have you seen it IRL yet?
  6. Light grey, not entirely sure, was just having a nosey on eluxury when i spotted her lol
  7. not yet melly, im going to London for my bday, so im hoping they'll have it in their new store *fingers crossed* it looks so gorgoeus
  8. I like the light grey color. I was thinking of getting that one before I found the Topaz ZC. I hope you find it in London. Take lots of pictures if you get it.:smile:
  9. Do you know where else I can buy one except eluxury? I might need a CP :sad: lol
  10. The official color name is Light Grey (Spring 2007), you should be able to find it at the newly opened Collection store in London.
  11. Any rough price? I mean converted into UK £ thats around £200, so i guess it'll be around £250?
  12. Very elegant!
  13. Soft Calf Zip Clutch retails for $395USD; Quilted Zip Clutch is $450USD.
  14. that color is to die for! it's gorgeous in the zip clutch :smile: you'd love that wallet....i was a little nervous about mine when i ordered it, but it's wonderful - i don't know what i ever did without it! LOL!
  15. That's it, ive decided im getting it lol, its worth it! lol