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  1. My beautiful new (to me) purchase from a lovely TPF member and her baby sister (an earlier purchase from the same member - I added the chain) have now been reunited.

    Such a wonderful pick me up at the door today (with appropriate social distancing and wiping of packaging).

    Such smoochie beautiful leather. Sigh. I wish I could take her out on the town!

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  2. Definitely looks smooshy and beautiful! Congrats and enjoy!!
  3. Congrats on adding these beauties to your collection! What's the name of the grey color?

    Not being able to enjoy our bags is a bummer for sure. The last three times I've been out of the apartment I didn't even take my bag or my wallet with me, just stuffed the pockets of the jacket with the essentials. Too much hassle cleaning everything.
  4. Enjoy my friend!
  5. Gawjus!! Heart thuddingly beautiful old chevre! :hbeat: Hope you can take them out to play in a few weeks!
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