Squeaky leather jacket

Oct 21, 2008
I feel for you SPOILEDkiwi but I don't know if I can give you much help

I bought a squeaky leather jacket once and returned it because of the squeak

My only suggestion is to ring a leather worker - a shoemaker perhaps, or someone who makes leather clothes, or alters them, or a specialist drycleaner - and ask for their advice
Good luck
Dec 14, 2006
^^ Thanks. I tried a leather conditioner and the squeak went away immediately after, but the next morning I guess the jacket absorbed it and the squeak was back. It has a very grippy texture even though it's soft so I don't know if anything will ever change the texture. I tried applying a ton of conditioner under the arms where the leather rubs together the most, so I'll check back tomorrow and see if it still squeaks.