squeaky hardware on my small Kristin satchel?

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  1. good afternoon everyone!
    I bought the large Kristin satchel this March and I loved her so much I got the small with my PCE last week (I'm really more of a small bag girl). I absolutely love her, but I've noticed that the metal hardware makes a squeaky sound when I walk with it (ie. when the straps move). It seems to be coming from the linkers that join the satchel straps to the bag and from the links on the shoulder strap rubbing against each other. this certainly isn't a deal breaker for me, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there are any simple home remedies for it?
  2. My gym bag does this and it drives me nuts! I can't offer any advice, but hopefully someone else can.
  3. I feel for you. My audry squeaks too, but not enough of a problem for me not to use her.
  4. My Lilys squeak ... Certainly not a deal breaker for me. I love my lilys.
  5. My small violet satchel squeaks as well and it is soooo annoying! My investigation pointed to the shoulder strap links.... Some of my audreys do that too... No solution found so far and although it drives me nuts it's not enough of a deal breaker for me to give them up! I just don't carry them on days when I have a headache!:graucho:
  6. I love your pug! :smile: What a cutie! OT sorry but I had to say it.
  7. ^^ thank you! she is thirteen and as wonderful as the day I got her :biggrin:

    I think that it's also my shoulder strap that is making most of the noise. I'm going to try rubbing the links with wax paper tonight to coat them a little bit, I'll post on my success or non-success.
  8. i have a bag that does it and it drives me nuts! when i was walking to a photo shoot I asked my boss if it was annoying him as much as it was annoying me and he said he couldn't hear it! but i hear it because it's right by my ear! i can't part with the purse tho :smile:
  9. as an update:
    on Thursday night I took off the shoulder strap and spent about 10 minutes rubbing the inside parts of the links with wax paper (I used one or two little fresh pieces for each link) and now she's as quiet as can be! I'm really happy, I will probably "re-coat" every few weeks or if it starts making noise again.