Squeaky carly

  1. Ok so I ordered a black/black sig carly sunday. It arrived today. I got home, ripped open the box, untied the ribbon and pulled my Carly out of the bag. I held it up to look at it and heard "squeak squeak". :tdown:

    Does your carly handle squeak? NONE of the Carly's in the store that I have seen squeaked at all.
    I don't want the bag if it squeaks.
    I have a legacy shoulder with much wider leather and bigger hardware and it doesnt' make ANY noise.

    Please tell me -- Does your Carly squeak, and if it did, did it go away?
    I am afraid to use the bag because if the squeaking doesn't go away, I won't use it.

  2. there's a thread somewhere about this.

    yeah, mine does. still.
  3. Yes, both of mine squeak. BUt it should squeak less as the leather straps soften up. The 2 pieces of leather together on the strap and the tight fit with the brass rings are what makes it squeak. I kinda like it :p
  4. After a couple of months my black sig medium Carly has stopped squeaking entirely.
  5. I couldn't decide between the blk carly and the black shoulder zip. I chose carly. I'm wondering if I should've got the legacy zip. I'm just not sure I can deal with the squeak - even if it does go away in a few months. I may go batty before then. *sigh*
  6. My Ali's talk to me . . . leather squeaking on the o-rings and medallions tinking on the metal. I like the "sound" of my bags. Leather does squeak, but squeaky shoes would bother me.
  7. My black leather Carly likes to squeak but I find I notice it when I have the strap in my hand and not so much when it hangs from my shoulder. :shrugs:It doesn't really bother me.
  8. ^^ it's not the nice squeaky sound my legacy shouldr makes though. It's a loud tinny eeek screech.
  9. yikes! that would not be good

    my leg shoulder squeaks, but not an EEEEEK

    if it drives you nuts, swap it out, too much $$$ for a nervous breakdown after hours and hours of EEEEEEEKKKK
  10. I think i will be getting the shoulder zip afterall. Maybe I got too caught up in the carly hype. I do LOVE my friends Carly and I never noticed hers squeaking at all. Maybe I'll bring it by the store and see what they say. I'm torn.
  11. mine does but i don't pay much attention to it anymore
  12. I haven't noticed, but I will pull it out tonight and get back to you.
  13. I think someone suggested taking moisturizer and putting on the straps and around the rings and stuff. That mades sense to me like it would work. I wouldn't get rid of your Carly if I were you. I like them better than the shoulder zip and it probably holds more. The squeaking will go away eventually but try the moisturizer trick first !
  14. Mine makes noises, but it's getting less and less. I kinda liked it though; it made me laugh. lol
  15. Ditto - my Carly squeaked for about a week, then diminished. It will go away with time.

    My Sig. Stripe shoulder tote also squeaks, way more than the Carly, but it holds all my junk so I can tolerate it.